Release Note Tellus WebApps — 12 december, 2017

Release Note Tellus WebApps

Tellus WebApps with Tellus Web and Tellus API


In Tellus WebApps we had a problem where Tellus API made a lot of request to Tellus Voice. This resulted in TellusVoiceAPIAppPool taking a lot of the memory and thus, if there isn’t sufficient memory, slowing the server down. The problem only occured when Tellus Voice was used in the system.

This problem has beeen fixed in Tellus WebApps

Name playback

In the previous versions, the license check for Name playback for Tellus Voice wasn’t working as expected. This has now been corrected. In order for Name playback to work for the customer, the license item named Name subscription users must be ordered and present in the system license.


In Visit, with the new design, there were some bugs that now has been fixed

Bug fix: Calendar picker in Visit added a zero before the month October, resulting in 010 to be set as month.

Bug fix: Category dropdown not update when editing.

Bug fix: Description of visitor was missing in gui.


Bug fix: Message status not updated correctly. Unable to delete messages or mark them as new/read.

Release Note Tellus Voice and Tellus WebApps — 30 juni, 2017

Release Note Tellus Voice and Tellus WebApps

We found an issue regarding changing status of voicemail message. This problem only occurred when a large number of messages is stored.

We have fixed this problem in Tellus Voice with version


In Tellus WebApps we have update TellusAPI to be compatible with Tellus Voice This means that Tellus WebApps must be upgraded if Tellus Voice is installed and vice versa.


Release Note Tellus Web — 2 juni, 2017

Release Note Tellus Web


In Tellus Web the page for Visits has been re-designed with a new UI. In the new design adding a visit and the displaying of the user’s upcoming visit are shown on the same page.

New Visit page - EN The status of the visit has been improved and it is now easier to see if the visitor(s) hasn’t arrived (yellow bar), is checked in (green bar) or is checked out (red bar).



The status page located at the administration of Tellus Web some update has been made in the new release.

This page has been update so it is possible to sort the list by status, email or name (name is used as default sorting).

Status page - sorted by status


Bug fix: Adding a absence (with default end action is continues) in Tellus Mobile and overriding continues resulted that wrong date was set as return date.

Bug fix: In Tellus Mobile a removed absence was, sometimes, displayed as an upcoming absence.

Bug fix: Sometime users was unable to add/delete absences in Tellus Mobile.

Bug fix: Unable to add a Visit group with the same name if group name at Tellus Web if the group name already exists in the database.



Release Note Tellus Web and Tellus Mobile — 7 april, 2017

Release Note Tellus Web and Tellus Mobile


We have released a new version of Tellus WebApps, version

In this version we have implemented a new design at Tellus Web for Contacts and Operators.

On the side for administration of operators you have a more intuitive way to add a new operator. You search for users and click at the green add icon, in the dialog displayed you configure which node and number translator the operator should use and press save.

Operators - Search

All users set as an operator is displayed in a list. At the right side there is icons for deleting or  editing the operator.

In Contacts the design is also update. A contact is added by clicking the green add icon, filling in the information and clicking save.

Contact - Add

Finding an existing contact is done by searching in the search bar, the contact is displayed at the right side of search bar.

Contacts - Search



Bug fixUnable to change the status of voicemail messages at Messages.

Bug fix: Problem listning on a voicemail message multiple time at Messages using Chrome.

Bug fix: Problem to listning on voicemail messages in Safari at Messages

Bug fix: Wrong start action or/and end action was set for user when absence was created using Absence tab in user details page at TellusWeb.

Bug fix: Previous search wasn’t cleared in search box when a new search was triggered from user details in Tellus Mobile.

Bug fix: Fixed bad validation of user id.





Release note Tellus 3.1 — 21 september, 2016

Release note Tellus 3.1


In version 3.1 there some news we would like to point out to you.

Sourcetech Tellus PAM & Source Tech Tellus Web



  • Support for TDC SMS. The companies that uses TDC SMS as their supplier can now use it for the notifications for Tellus.

Bug fix: Unable to listen to Voicemail messages in Tellus Web.




SourceTech Tellus Cloud (Cloud Services)

Some changes has been made in Cloud Services.

  • Automatic license generation.* Tellus Cloud polls Spectra for order changes every 6th hour. When SourceTech has accepted a order, a licens will be downloaded to the customer within 6 hours. This means that when a order is accepted by SourceTech the customers updated support fee will start.
    NOTE! This only affects customer with a installed ≥3.0. New customer will not be affected.
  • The handling of license generation has been improved.


* If a license is created manually, the version must be set to 3.1 in Spectra.


Tips & Trix- Version overview — 24 augusti, 2015

Tips & Trix- Version overview

In order to know which versions are available for download, a technician (or any user with the rights) needs to log on to the SourceTech Portal to see the latest downloadable version. Nowadays, you as the administrator of Tellus Web has access to see which version you have and which version that is available for download.
To see this you need to have any administrator rights in Tellus. You’ll find this page in the last pane ”System Settings” and then select ”About”.
The page you are going to see looks like this. You will see the running Tellus applications at the top of the table.
There are a few rows here that could be of interest.
  • Tellus WebClient (This row and the TellusPAMService indicates which version the installed software has)
  • Tellus Mobile
  • EwsStatusManager (The service that handles the calendar integration)
The page shows you what versions that are running in your system, but it also shows witch applications that are installed and running.
The inactive applications are displayed with a light grey text. This system has, for example, the service eXpose installed, but it is not running or being used.
The column after the name of the service is the one that shows what version you have installed, the next column shows which version that are available for download. In this way, you as a customer can keep track of the latest downloadable version.
Tips & Trix för administratörer – Versionsöversikt — 20 augusti, 2015

Tips & Trix för administratörer – Versionsöversikt

För att veta vilka versioner som finns tillgängliga för nedladdning, har en tekniker (eller någon med de rättigheterna) behövt logga in på SourceTech Portal för att se vilken senaste versionen är. Numera kan du som administratör i Tellus Web enkelt se vilken version ni har på systemet samt vilken version som finns tillgänglig för nedladdning.

För att se detta behöver du ha någon av administratörsrättigheterna i Tellus. Du hittar denna sida i den sista menyn ”Systeminställningar” och sedan väljer du ”Om Tellus R2”.


Sidan du då kommer till ser ut så här. Överst i tabellen ser du de applikationer som körs och som hör till Tellus.
Det finns några rader här som kan vara intressanta.
  • Tellus Webclient (Denna rad samt den som är för ”TellusPAMService” visar versionen på Tellus)
  • Tellus Mobile
  • EwsStatusManager (Tjänsten som hanterar kalenderkopplingen)
Den här sidan visar nämligen inte bara vilka versioner som är installerade hos er, utan även de tjänster som är igång.
De rader som har ljusgrå text är inaktiva. Det här systemet har tillexempel tjänsten för eXpose installerad, men den är inte igång och används.
Kolumnen efter namnet på tjänsten är den som visar vilken version som är installerad, nästa kolumn visar vilken version som finns tillgänglig för nedladdning. På detta sätt har ni som kund koll på vilken senaste nedladdningsbara version är.
Release notes – Tellus 2.10.1 — 13 april, 2015

Release notes – Tellus 2.10.1

Follow user on micro blog

In the user details you can now choose to follow the user in the micro blog, use the plus sign in the speech bubble to add the user to your feed.


Voicemail as standard in start action

Until now the information in the start action drop list has been ”Forward” and the actual number that the administrator has entered. From this version you will see the name of the voice mail associated with the number. This makes it easy to know that your calls will be forwarded to voicemail when you are unable to answer them.


The administration page have a new design, we have removed all small icons and placed watermarks for the different categories instead.


Tellus Voice now has an own pane in the administration, this way it is easy to find the specific settings. The general voicemail settings are still located in the Peripherals pane.
Visit settings
We have done some changes to the visit administration. We removed the old pane and replaced it with the administration of Visit category, if you are about to add some visitors you can go to the visit pane in the menu instead.

Overall improvements

We have also enhanced the user interface on several pages in the administration. Now all dialogs and tables should have the same design.

New SMS provider

In Tellus 2.10.1 we have added a new SMS provider. We are glad to let you know that you can use Intelecom SMS with Tellus.

Voicemail in emails

From this version you can choose to attach the voicemail to the email that is sent to the user. This is a setting that you can enable in Tellus Voice settings.
This release is now available for download on our portal for all technicians
Multiredigering i Tellus Web — 11 mars, 2015

Multiredigering i Tellus Web

För att underlätta för administratörer finns det en funktion för multiredigering i Tellus. Detta gör att man enkelt kan välja flera användare i en lista och på samma gång göra förändringar. Detta kan vara bra om en avdelning t.ex. byter chef eller om delar av organisationen flyttar till nya lokaler.

Följande steg förklarar hur man kan ändra plats och meddelandeinställningar på flera användare utan att behöva göra det flera gånger.
1. Sök upp personerna som ska byta chef. Du behöver få de alla i en och samma lista.


Under resultatlistan finns det flera val som har med multiredigering att göra (du kommer endast att se dessa om du har rättigheterna i systemet för detta). I det här fallet ska vi välja ”Redigera” som finns längst till höger.
2. Du får nu en ny vy. Här listas nämligen alla inställningar du kan ändra med hjälp av multiredigeringen.


Markera först vilken inställning du vill ändra. För att ta bort en inställning markerar du den första boxen men lämnar sedan tomt i ”inställningen”. Detta gör att datat som redan finns inskrivet raderas. Om du väljer att skriva i eller välja något i en lista kommer den inställning som redan fanns att skrivas över.
I det här exemplet kommer platsen för de tre valda användarna att ändras till ”Solna” och meddelandeinställningarna kommer att ändras så att alla meddelanden skickas som SMS (detta kräver att det finns en SMS licens), meddelandeinställningarna kan även ställas in per meddelande som skickas.
Att använda multiredigering kan underlätta mycket för dig som administratör, stora förändringar i företaget är enkla att hantera och det är inget problem att göra förändringar på flera användare samtidigt.
Release Note – Tellus — 22 december, 2014

Release Note – Tellus

New audio player

In Tellus we have added a new audio player. This audio player supports all browsers and will have the same look and feel regardless of web browser.

The audio player has different looks depending on the users theme in TellusWeb.



The audio player has features for pause, control the volume and to go to a specific place in the recorded message.

New links from TellusWeb

Links-Dark.pngIn the top right corner of Tellus Web you can find several links to SourceTech Portal, MyTellus, manuals and instruction videos. In this version we have changed the link to SourceTech Portal to a portal icon and the link to is illustrated by our logotype.

Tooltips in user groups

Absence info on tooltip is now visible in user groups. Hover over the icon for the absence and you will get information for start date, end date and cause.


This release is now available for download on our portal for all technicians.