Release Note Tellus WebApps — 12 december, 2017

Release Note Tellus WebApps

Tellus WebApps with Tellus Web and Tellus API


In Tellus WebApps we had a problem where Tellus API made a lot of request to Tellus Voice. This resulted in TellusVoiceAPIAppPool taking a lot of the memory and thus, if there isn’t sufficient memory, slowing the server down. The problem only occured when Tellus Voice was used in the system.

This problem has beeen fixed in Tellus WebApps

Name playback

In the previous versions, the license check for Name playback for Tellus Voice wasn’t working as expected. This has now been corrected. In order for Name playback to work for the customer, the license item named Name subscription users must be ordered and present in the system license.


In Visit, with the new design, there were some bugs that now has been fixed

Bug fix: Calendar picker in Visit added a zero before the month October, resulting in 010 to be set as month.

Bug fix: Category dropdown not update when editing.

Bug fix: Description of visitor was missing in gui.


Bug fix: Message status not updated correctly. Unable to delete messages or mark them as new/read.

Release Notes Tellus Voice — 10 maj, 2017

Release Notes Tellus Voice

tellus-voiceIn Tellus Voice we have added the Tellus Hub configuration file that was missing in Tellus Voice, the configuration file resulted in problems with MWI.

We have updated the settings for Tellus Voice, regarding local and remote port. The settings are still located at Tellus Voice settings in the Administration at Tellus Web.

  • The setting Port is used as local sip port.
  • The remote port can be configured by typing registrar:port in the setting Registrar (PBX)

Sip provider settings

  • In example above Tellus Voice is configured to listen on 5060 for incoming traffic and using 5061 when connecting to the PBX
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Release notes – Tellus Voice — 13 april, 2015

Release notes – Tellus Voice

Tellus Voice

Name playback
In this version of Tellus Voice we have added name playback. The name of the user will be played instead of the extension number.
In previous releases the message has been: ”The person with extension number 4112 is in a meeting, is back on the 14th of april at 10 o’clock. For operator assistance press 9, to leave a message press 1 or please wait.”
If you have name playback the message will be ”Cecilia Alerius is in a meeting, is back on the 14th of april at 10 o’clock. For operator assistance press 9, to leave a message press 1 or please wait.”
The name playback is a licensed function and you can order it from your dealer as an subscription model.
ASR – Automatic Speech Response
There are also functions for voice recognition built into Tellus Voice. Voice control enables an easy handling without having to use operator assistance. Just use your voice for navigation!
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