Release Note Tellus Web — 2 juni, 2017

Release Note Tellus Web


In Tellus Web the page for Visits has been re-designed with a new UI. In the new design adding a visit and the displaying of the user’s upcoming visit are shown on the same page.

New Visit page - EN The status of the visit has been improved and it is now easier to see if the visitor(s) hasn’t arrived (yellow bar), is checked in (green bar) or is checked out (red bar).



The status page located at the administration of Tellus Web some update has been made in the new release.

This page has been update so it is possible to sort the list by status, email or name (name is used as default sorting).

Status page - sorted by status


Bug fix: Adding a absence (with default end action is continues) in Tellus Mobile and overriding continues resulted that wrong date was set as return date.

Bug fix: In Tellus Mobile a removed absence was, sometimes, displayed as an upcoming absence.

Bug fix: Sometime users was unable to add/delete absences in Tellus Mobile.

Bug fix: Unable to add a Visit group with the same name if group name at Tellus Web if the group name already exists in the database.



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Release Note – Tellus — 27 mars, 2014

Release Note – Tellus

Tellus Web

In TellusWeb has been updated with new default avatars.


In the administration of Booking objects a new resource has been added. It is now possible to choose TV as a resource for a booking object.


The new TV resource is added in eXpose and displayed when configured in the Booking administration.



The new default avatars has also been updated at TellusMobile.