Release Note – New packages for Tellus Voice — 2 mars, 2017

Release Note – New packages for Tellus Voice

SourceTech Tellus VoiceWe have now released new packages for Tellus Voice. These packages can be downloaded by accessing the package download at the customer’s Tellus Cloud. The new packages are only supported with Tellus Voice with version

tellus-cloudTellus Voice  – Spoken Absence
Package Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence with version has been released.
Bug fix: We have fixed a bug where Tellus Voice didn’t check the if the user’s inbox was enabled/disabled when the operator transferred a call to the voicemail.

Tellus Voice – Spoken absence Lang Pack – Norwegian
Package Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence Lang pack – Norwegian with version has been released. In this package we have updated manuscript for the Norwegian language with corresponding prompts. We recommend all Norwegian customers using the Tellus Voice release 2 (compatible with Tellus Release 3) to upgrade to this package.


Release Notes Tellus Voice and Application scripts for — 19 december, 2016

Release Notes Tellus Voice and Application scripts for


Tellus Voice

In Tellus Voice we have added support for handling base64 encoded scripts.


Scripts for Tellus Voice – General

In Application Spoken Absence and Polling all scripts are now formatted in base64.

Note! Spoken Absence and Polling is compatible with Tellus Voice The applications are downloaded by SourceTech Cloud Services at Tellus Cloud web.

Application Spoken Absence

We have updated a script for Spoken Absence, the script handling the Name playback function in Tellus Voice. The script didn’t check the user’s setting for use name playback. Resulting in Tellus Voice to prompt the name, if names where mapped, even if the setting was inactivated for the user.

We have also fixed an issue in script Welcome resulting in welcome message wasn’t played.

Release Note Cloud Services and Tellus Voice — 7 november, 2016

Release Note Cloud Services and Tellus Voice


In SourceTech Cloud Services and SourceTech Tellus Voice major changes has been made regarding how SourceTech SuGet handles packages for Tellus Voice.

The download and installation of packages has been re-written and improved.

The port for SourceTech Cloud to access to download packages for Tellus Voice has been changed from 14095 to 55700. This is automatically changed by the installer when upgrading, accessing packages with
Note! If rules have been added in the firewall for the port 14095, rules with the new port must be added. All SourceTech ports can be read in the document SourceTech Tellus port overview, available for download at SourceTech download

tellus-voiceBoth Cloud Services and Tellus Voice must be to be upgraded to the latest version in order to download and install packages for Tellus Voice.

Bug fix: Unable to listen to voicemails at TellusWeb.

Bug fix: Tellus Voice prompts dates in wrong format.

Release note Tellus 3.1 — 21 september, 2016

Release note Tellus 3.1


In version 3.1 there some news we would like to point out to you.

Sourcetech Tellus PAM & Source Tech Tellus Web



  • Support for TDC SMS. The companies that uses TDC SMS as their supplier can now use it for the notifications for Tellus.

Bug fix: Unable to listen to Voicemail messages in Tellus Web.




SourceTech Tellus Cloud (Cloud Services)

Some changes has been made in Cloud Services.

  • Automatic license generation.* Tellus Cloud polls Spectra for order changes every 6th hour. When SourceTech has accepted a order, a licens will be downloaded to the customer within 6 hours. This means that when a order is accepted by SourceTech the customers updated support fee will start.
    NOTE! This only affects customer with a installed ≥3.0. New customer will not be affected.
  • The handling of license generation has been improved.


* If a license is created manually, the version must be set to 3.1 in Spectra.