Release Note SourceTech Presence Service — 24 januari, 2018

Release Note SourceTech Presence Service

presence-serviceIt has come to our attention that in major upgrades for Windows 10 the Product Key ID is changed. This ID is a part of the algorithm used for generating the Installation ID, that is then used when generating a licenses for our products. Due to this, a major upgrade for Windows 10 will result in the license to be invalid (since the Installation ID which the license is generated with differs from the Installation ID of the machine).

As a consequence to this we have removed the use of the Product Key ID when generating the Installation ID.

SourceTech Presence Service >= validates license both with and without the Product ID. With this change a license generated for <= (found in a existing installation) will still be considered to be valid until the Product ID is changed again.
A license that is generated based on the Installation ID in Presence Service >= will not be affected by future changes of the Product Key ID, since this is removed from the algorithm.

We recommend that licenses is regenerated when upgrading to SourceTech Presence Service =>

Release Note Tellus Voice and Tellus WebApps — 30 juni, 2017

Release Note Tellus Voice and Tellus WebApps

We found an issue regarding changing status of voicemail message. This problem only occurred when a large number of messages is stored.

We have fixed this problem in Tellus Voice with version


In Tellus WebApps we have update TellusAPI to be compatible with Tellus Voice This means that Tellus WebApps must be upgraded if Tellus Voice is installed and vice versa.


Release note SourceTech Presence Service — 8 mars, 2017

Release note SourceTech Presence Service

presence-serviceWe have release a new version of SourceTech Presence Service, with version Some new update and a bug fix has been made in the the new version.

  • New tele presence provider – we now supports Telia Mobile Norway.

The new provider requires the license Presence Service Plugin – Telia mobile NO.

Bug fix: Settings dialog crashed when Calendar endpoint was enabled along with Multicast endpoint and/or TellusAPI endpoint.

Release Note Cloud Services and Tellus Voice — 7 november, 2016

Release Note Cloud Services and Tellus Voice


In SourceTech Cloud Services and SourceTech Tellus Voice major changes has been made regarding how SourceTech SuGet handles packages for Tellus Voice.

The download and installation of packages has been re-written and improved.

The port for SourceTech Cloud to access to download packages for Tellus Voice has been changed from 14095 to 55700. This is automatically changed by the installer when upgrading, accessing packages with
Note! If rules have been added in the firewall for the port 14095, rules with the new port must be added. All SourceTech ports can be read in the document SourceTech Tellus port overview, available for download at SourceTech download

tellus-voiceBoth Cloud Services and Tellus Voice must be to be upgraded to the latest version in order to download and install packages for Tellus Voice.

Bug fix: Unable to listen to voicemails at TellusWeb.

Bug fix: Tellus Voice prompts dates in wrong format.

Release Notes Tellus Voice — 23 september, 2016
Release note Tellus 3.1 — 21 september, 2016

Release note Tellus 3.1


In version 3.1 there some news we would like to point out to you.

Sourcetech Tellus PAM & Source Tech Tellus Web



  • Support for TDC SMS. The companies that uses TDC SMS as their supplier can now use it for the notifications for Tellus.

Bug fix: Unable to listen to Voicemail messages in Tellus Web.




SourceTech Tellus Cloud (Cloud Services)

Some changes has been made in Cloud Services.

  • Automatic license generation.* Tellus Cloud polls Spectra for order changes every 6th hour. When SourceTech has accepted a order, a licens will be downloaded to the customer within 6 hours. This means that when a order is accepted by SourceTech the customers updated support fee will start.
    NOTE! This only affects customer with a installed ≥3.0. New customer will not be affected.
  • The handling of license generation has been improved.


* If a license is created manually, the version must be set to 3.1 in Spectra.


Release Notes Presence Service —
Release Note Tellus —
Release Notes Tellus Voice —
Release Note Tellus Unlimited – Release 3 — 7 januari, 2016

Release Note Tellus Unlimited – Release 3

Release Note Tellus Unlimited – R3

The third release of our Tellus-suite have been released! We call it Tellus Unlimited and the release name came to us when we started to build our new subscription model. We thought that this third release will give our customers unlimited control over their licenses. We believe that it is important for our customers to be able to handle their system on an easy and controllable way. Therefore we built our Tellus-suite to fit these demands.

Read more below or visit our website for more information and images.


SourceTech Tellus Unlimited (Release 3) includes several new features and enhancements;

  • Tellus has support for a new payment model, subscription.
  • New application SourceTech Cloud Service used for automatic license generation.
  • Tellus Voice has now support for multi company.
  • Plugin for 4059EE integration to Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Customer Service.
  • New design in TellusWeb and SourceTech 4059EE FeaturePack.



! Tellus Unlimited requires new server license. Customer’s system needs to be converted to Tellus Unlimited licenses in Spectra™!

Automatic generation of licenses are available in Tellus Unlimited. This is available for both customers who has the new subscription model and the old payment model. When Tellus is configured correctly, licenses will be automatically downloaded from Spectra to the system. The new license is valid for a month and a new license is downloaded every week.


SourceTech Cloud Services

New technician tool!

SourceTech Cloud Services handles the new automatic license generation. SourceTech SuGet, used for downloading packages for Tellus Voice has been added as a part of Cloud Service.

In SourceTech Cloud Service a specific customer portal has been added, used by Technicians.




A completely new payment model is now available with Tellus. It is possible to have Tellus as a Subscription. This means that the customer pays an amount each month for their licenses.

An administration page for this is added at TellusWeb. There the customer can se exactly what licenses they are using and and the number of licenses. They can also modify the amount of licenses by adding or removing. When confirming order of change of licenses a new license is generated from Spectra. If the altered license items doesn’t need installation/configuration by technician the customer can use it direct.



Support for OpenTouch node administration.

Support for Tellus Unlimited subscription model.

Scroll to user details.

Organisation settings for Tellus Voice administration.

New design

Tellus has received a slightly new design to match the design of 4059EE and 4059EE Feature Pack. The meny tabs with names have been changed to a icon set instead.


Licenses sorted by latest modified.

Updated the default iMez url.

Able to have Pagers as active phone.

Able to upload Feature Pack licenses.

Updated name subscription management.


Fixed a bug where IsSystem users could not be updated.

Fixed a bug where Tellus Voice user settings were not visible in User settings, when impersonating.



Added voicemail listing and playback.


Updated icons and colors.

4059EE Feature Pack

New: Plugin for Alcatel-Lucent OTCS (Open Touch Customer Service).

New: Implemented Tellus Hub client to get automatic license updates.

Update: Loading an invalid license from Tellus Hub will disable PAM until valid license has been loaded.


Tellus Voice


From Tellus Unlimited there are support for Multi-company. Specific settings for Tellus Voice can be different depending om which organisation settings the different organisation has. The settings available are Welcome Message, Polling number, Default destination, Default Language and Pause before audio playback (used at Re-Invite)

These settings are located at Organisation settings in the Administration at TellusWeb.

Multiple Personal Greetings

Support for Multiple Greeting has been added. It is possible to have different personal greetings depending on different call states; Standard (a normal absence), Busy and No reply.
All administration is done in the phone administration of Tellus Voice. The user can have 9 different recorded greetings saved.