Release Note SourceTech Presence Service — 24 januari, 2018

Release Note SourceTech Presence Service

presence-serviceIt has come to our attention that in major upgrades for Windows 10 the Product Key ID is changed. This ID is a part of the algorithm used for generating the Installation ID, that is then used when generating a licenses for our products. Due to this, a major upgrade for Windows 10 will result in the license to be invalid (since the Installation ID which the license is generated with differs from the Installation ID of the machine).

As a consequence to this we have removed the use of the Product Key ID when generating the Installation ID.

SourceTech Presence Service >= validates license both with and without the Product ID. With this change a license generated for <= (found in a existing installation) will still be considered to be valid until the Product ID is changed again.
A license that is generated based on the Installation ID in Presence Service >= will not be affected by future changes of the Product Key ID, since this is removed from the algorithm.

We recommend that licenses is regenerated when upgrading to SourceTech Presence Service =>

Release note SourceTech Presence Service — 8 mars, 2017

Release note SourceTech Presence Service

presence-serviceWe have release a new version of SourceTech Presence Service, with version Some new update and a bug fix has been made in the the new version.

  • New tele presence provider – we now supports Telia Mobile Norway.

The new provider requires the license Presence Service Plugin – Telia mobile NO.

Bug fix: Settings dialog crashed when Calendar endpoint was enabled along with Multicast endpoint and/or TellusAPI endpoint.

Release Notes Presence Service — 21 september, 2016
New requirements for the Presence Service — 20 januari, 2016

New requirements for the Presence Service

UCMA is required:

When the presence service is used with Lync 2010 / 2013 the requirements has changed. Please see the matrix below for specific requirements.

UCMA 3.0

UCMA 4.0

x64 x64
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 with Service Pack 2 Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1
Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows 2012 Server

The requirements will affect those of you who will run the Presence Service 3.0.

New tele presence provider — 15 januari, 2016