Tips & Trix – Keyboard shortcuts — 29 mars, 2016

Tips & Trix – Keyboard shortcuts

There are many functions in the operator application 4059EE, and I’m sure that all of you don’t know all of them. In this post, we will highlight two features that we think are important; the mute function and the possibility to call a users associated voicemail.

Assigning a keyboard shortcut

Before you create a new / edit a keyboard shortcut, you need to find out what function it belongs to. Is it; a call handling function, or a function of Tellus PAM?
First, open the dialog for the settings, and then click ”Call Handling” (Select PAM if the shortcut belongs to the absence management) in the left part of the dialogue. In the right pane, select ”Keyboard”. You will now see all the functions that can be mapped to a button on your keyboard.
Many of the functions are already associated with a button, but you can change the key or create the ones that are not mapped here.
Click on the name of the function you want to change, such as ”View call queues”. Information about the key function is associated will be shown below.
If you want to change the assigned shortcut, select it in the list and move the focus to the text box. Press the button you want to have as the shortcut and press the assign button.
Mute button
Sometimes when you talk to a customer need to ask a colleague for help, or maybe it is that you have to sneeze (it happens to the best of us), and this might be something you don’t want the customer to hear. To make sure the customer doesn’t hear you, you can use the mute function and turn off your microphone. This can be done in two ways:
  1. Press the ”Mute” button at the bottom of the application.

    When you have pressed the button the icon will change so that you can see that the microphone is off.
  2. You can create a keyboard shortcut for this, follow the steps above but select ”Mute” in the list. When you press the button, you will see that the icon has changed and the microphone is turned off.
Call voicemail

You as an attendant can connect the caller directly from the operator application to a users voicemail. This can come in handy if the user doesn’t answer and the caller thinks it is easier to leave a message on his/hers voicemail instead of you writing down a message.

This can be done in two ways.
  1. Click the dynamic key (S-key) in the lower part of the application that has the text ”Voicemail”. If you do not see this button, it may be that you have to use the arrows to see more buttons, or that the user  doesn’t have a mailbox associated with it.
  2. You can create a keyboard shortcut for this, follow the steps at the top of this post. The function you are looking for is called ”Call voicemail” and is located under ”Call handling” in the settings.
If you have something you want to know more about in our applications, feel free to comment!
Tips & trix för telefonister — 5 maj, 2015

Tips & trix för telefonister

Den här gången har vi tänkt att påminna om bra funktioner som redan finns programmerade i telefonistapplikationen. Alla funktioner som beskrivs i detta inlägg ingår i standardinställningar för 4059EE med hänvisningssystemet Tellus.




Ladda om användardetaljerna.

När du har öppnat detaljerna på en användare kan du enkelt uppdatera användarinformationen för att se om någonting har uppdaterats.

Control.png F5.png

Redigera aktiv hänvisning för vald användare.

Öppnar dialogen för att redigera den aktiva hänvisningen för den valda användaren när du är i detaljvyn.


Redigera informationsfältet.

Öppnar redigeringsdialogen för telefonistinformationen.

Page Down.png

Rensa telefonistinformationen.

Tar bort telefonistinformationen på vald användare.

 Control.png+ Shift.png F1.png

Visa senaste sökningen

Visar resultatet av den senaste sökningen igen


Bryt in i samtal

Om användaren du söker är upptagen i telefon kan du enkelt bryta in i detta samtal. (Detta kräver en rättighet i telefonväxeln)


Senast slagna nummer

Slår det senaste slagna numret

Shift.pngArrow Up.png

4059EE 1.6 sneak peak — 18 december, 2014

4059EE 1.6 sneak peak

In 2011 SourceTech signed a OEM agreement with Alcatel-Lucent. This means that SourceTech develops the operator application 4059EE for Alcatel-Lucent.
The operator application has looked the same since the beginning, we thought it was time for a face lift and sent this updated design to Alcatel-Lucent. This is not a reality yet, many decision remains to be taken. But we are one step closer to a new, modern operator application.


UPDATE: This suggestion was approved and the change will take place in the next version (1.6) of the operator application 4059EE.
See real screenshots of the new design below!

Dark Skies.jpg