Release Note Tellus Voice and Tellus Voice Package for Spoken Absence — 12 december, 2017

Release Note Tellus Voice and Tellus Voice Package for Spoken Absence

tellus-voice Tellus Voice

In Tellus Voice we have fixed a problem where message waiting indication wasn’t resetted after lisening to voicemail messages at Tellus Web.

Hub client updated to version

Bug fix: MWI not resetted after listening to messages at Tellus Web

Tellus Voice Package – Spoken absence

In the package for Spoken Absence we have fixed an issue that occured when user was absent with type Out of Office. Tellus Voice prompted no return time and that the user was not available, this has been fixed in Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence Correct absence type and return time are now prompted.

Bug fix: No return time prompted when absent with type Out of Office.

Release Notes Tellus Voice — 10 maj, 2017

Release Notes Tellus Voice

tellus-voiceIn Tellus Voice we have added the Tellus Hub configuration file that was missing in Tellus Voice, the configuration file resulted in problems with MWI.

We have updated the settings for Tellus Voice, regarding local and remote port. The settings are still located at Tellus Voice settings in the Administration at Tellus Web.

  • The setting Port is used as local sip port.
  • The remote port can be configured by typing registrar:port in the setting Registrar (PBX)

Sip provider settings

  • In example above Tellus Voice is configured to listen on 5060 for incoming traffic and using 5061 when connecting to the PBX