Important information regarding new release — 12 december, 2017

Important information regarding new release

SourceTech JeraFor release of Tellus PAM, Tellus WebApps, TellusVoice and Cloud Services

Some changes has been made in Tellus Hub, this in the client part of the application. The Hub client are used by every application that connects to the Hub server. For Tellus to have the expected functionality, all applications must use the new Hub client.

This means that if one or some of the application should be upgraded in a Tellus system*, all of the application mentioned above should be upgraded to latest version.

* We recommend all to upgrade Tellus WebApps if Tellus Voice is installed and the system is currently running the faulting version of Tellus WebApps Read the release note for Tellus WebApps here.

Release Note Tellus WebApps —

Release Note Tellus WebApps

Tellus WebApps with Tellus Web and Tellus API


In Tellus WebApps we had a problem where Tellus API made a lot of request to Tellus Voice. This resulted in TellusVoiceAPIAppPool taking a lot of the memory and thus, if there isn’t sufficient memory, slowing the server down. The problem only occured when Tellus Voice was used in the system.

This problem has beeen fixed in Tellus WebApps

Name playback

In the previous versions, the license check for Name playback for Tellus Voice wasn’t working as expected. This has now been corrected. In order for Name playback to work for the customer, the license item named Name subscription users must be ordered and present in the system license.


In Visit, with the new design, there were some bugs that now has been fixed

Bug fix: Calendar picker in Visit added a zero before the month October, resulting in 010 to be set as month.

Bug fix: Category dropdown not update when editing.

Bug fix: Description of visitor was missing in gui.


Bug fix: Message status not updated correctly. Unable to delete messages or mark them as new/read.

Problems with Tellus Web — 20 oktober, 2017

Problems with Tellus Web


This is some important information regarding SourceTech Tellus WebApps, our latest released Tellus Web.

We have found a problem in this version, that is only affected when SourceTech Tellus is used with SourceTech Tellus Voice.

When Tellus Web makes a request for Tellus Voice and it’s settings Tellus API makes a lot of request. This results in TellusVoiceAPIAppPool to increases it’s use of memory, and using a lot more memory then it should.  If the machine dosen’t have sufficient memory the server becomes slow.
This can have major effects to the Tellus system, resulting in problems for applications/functions to work as expected.

The problem dosen’t have to occur at a customer just becuase they are running the faulting version, it depends on the machine amount of memory accordingly to the size of the Tellus system. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

We are currently investigating the problem and will fix it as soon as possible. The version is removed from Downloads and we don’t recommend an upgrade to this version.



Installer unable to close applications during installation — 22 september, 2017

Installer unable to close applications during installation

We would like to inform you on an issue that can occur during an installation of our products, not only for the installer displayed below.
During some installations the installation is paused and this dialog is shown;

IA dialog

If this dialog is shown you should know what to do, since some of the choices abow can result in trouble.

YesThe requested applications are closed by the installer and the installation continues.

No –  The dialog is closed and the installation, seems to, continue but results in error since the applications hasen’t been closed.

Cancel – The dialog is closed and the installation is cancelled.

Release note for SourceTech Tellus Voice Packages: Name package and LangPack Spoken Absence — 20 september, 2017

Release note for SourceTech Tellus Voice Packages: Name package and LangPack Spoken Absence

tellus-cloudWe have updated and released two packages for SourceTech Tellus Voice, this two are Tellus Voice – Name package – Swedish and Tellus Voice – LangPack Spoken Absence – Swedish

Both of the packages requires SourceTech Tellus Voice or higher.

Tellus Voice – Name package – Swedish
This package has been updated with new names.

Tellus Voice – LangPack Spoken Absence – Swedish
In the Language package Spoken Absence for Swedish, we have changed the prompting when a user is busy on the phone. Before Tellus Voice prompted ”The person with extension xxx is busy…” (default, without name playback). In the new version, Tellus Voice prompts ”The person with extension xxx is busy on the phone…” (as default, without name playback).

Both packages are available and can be downloaded with SourceTech Cloud Services on the Tellus Cloud Portal.

Release Note Tellus Voice and Tellus WebApps — 30 juni, 2017

Release Note Tellus Voice and Tellus WebApps

We found an issue regarding changing status of voicemail message. This problem only occurred when a large number of messages is stored.

We have fixed this problem in Tellus Voice with version


In Tellus WebApps we have update TellusAPI to be compatible with Tellus Voice This means that Tellus WebApps must be upgraded if Tellus Voice is installed and vice versa.


Release Note Tellus Voice and Packages for Tellus Voice — 22 juni, 2017

Release Note Tellus Voice and Packages for Tellus Voice

We have some important information regarding this Tellus Voice version and the compatible Tellus Voice packages that can be read here.

Tellus Voice

tellus-voice When the customer’s system is updated to Tellus Voice new version of package Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence, Tellus Voice – Polling and the LangPacks for the corresponding Tellus Voice Language needs to be installed in order for Tellus Voice to work.

This is needed since we have update the structure of prompts for Tellus Voice. If this isn’t done Tellus Voice won’t be able to find the correct prompts.

Packages for Tellus Voicetellus-cloud

Released Tellus Voice packages are:
Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence
Tellus Voice – Polling
Tellus Voice – Language pack English
Tellus Voice – Language pack Swedish
Tellus Voice – Language pack Norwegian
Tellus Voice – Names Swedish

Language packages
In the Language packs for Tellus Voice we have moved some prompts that was placed in incorrect folder and updated the manuscripts using these prompts.

Some updates has also been made regarding the path of the prompts.

Spoken Absence & Polling
Some changes has been made with the installation of scripts for Spoken Absence & Polling. In Spoken Absence and Polling all scripts will be updated in the database, regardless if they are system scripts or not. Read more about it here.

In the package for Names we have updated the path for folders for Firstname and Lastname.

Important information regarding Tellus Voice and packages for Spoken Absence and Polling —

Important information regarding Tellus Voice and packages for Spoken Absence and Polling


We have some important information regarding Tellus Voice and the packages for Tellus Voice compatible with the version
!This should be read and taking into account before installing at customer site!

When TellusVoice DB is created and the database migration has been applied, a pre-set with the vxml script that Tellus Voice uses is installed in the database. When the package Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence and Tellus Voice – Polling is downloaded and installed by Cloud Services, all scripts that are considered to be system scripts will be updated with the new scripts.tellus-cloud

If a scripts is set as a none system script this will not be updated.

An early problem with Tellus Voice was that the scripts installed in the database (with the database migrations) was not set as system scripts. This has resulted in a problem where scripts, that infact, are system scripts hasn’t been updated.
What we have done in Tellus Voice and the packages Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence and Tellus Voice – Polling is to change, temporarily, the behaviour of scripts.

When installing the new packages for Spoken Absence and Polling all scripts in the database will be overwritten, regardless if they are system scripts or not. The new scripts are, as it should, marked as system scripts after the installation, which means that the problem of update of scripts will not exists in future versions.

This change will not cause any problem if the customer uses the default scripts and haven’t made any alterations in the scripts. If alterations has been made for the customer, some adjustments needs to be done when before installing. The altered scripts can be copied from TellusVoiceDB before installing and then be applied again after the installation. If there are any hesitation regarding what needs to be done, feel free to contact us.

We recommend that all customers upgrade to Tellus Voice and download the packages Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence, Tellus Voice – Polling and LangPacks for installed languages.

Release notes with information regarding version of packages and changes can be read here.


Tips & Trix – Users — 9 juni, 2017

Tips & Trix – Users

A well developed visitor system gives your entire organization a professional impression and will lift the efficiency in the reception. Tellus Visit is a system for handling of visitors that is integrated in our Tellus suite. Due to this integration we can optimise the functionality by giving the system access to your database, by doing this, you will make it quicker and easier for all involved, receptionists, visitors and users.

You can pre-register your visitors in TellusWeb.  This will favour both you, the receptionist and your visitors. Your pre-registered visitors will be shown in the receptionists attendant plug-in and this will ensure you that your visitors will receive the best possible service from the reception.

The visit pane in TellusWeb got redesigned in to make it even easier for you as a user.


The first thing you will see is a form where you fill out the information about the user. Set the time that you are expecting the visitor to arrive and leave. You can also select a category for the visitor (these are defined by the administrator) and other information about the visit.

When you have filled out the form, simply press ”Save” and the visitor will be created with you as the recipient.


When you are expecting visitors, they will be listed under the form in the visit pane. You can edit or remove visitors that have the status ”Pending”. The color of the icon on the left hand side shows the status of the visitor.

In this image the visitors ”Anna Andersson” and ”Björn Martinsson” are inhouse. The visitor ”Lena Björk” will arrive tomorrow.

If the color of the icon is red the visitor has been checked out of the system.



Release Note Tellus Web — 2 juni, 2017

Release Note Tellus Web


In Tellus Web the page for Visits has been re-designed with a new UI. In the new design adding a visit and the displaying of the user’s upcoming visit are shown on the same page.

New Visit page - EN The status of the visit has been improved and it is now easier to see if the visitor(s) hasn’t arrived (yellow bar), is checked in (green bar) or is checked out (red bar).



The status page located at the administration of Tellus Web some update has been made in the new release.

This page has been update so it is possible to sort the list by status, email or name (name is used as default sorting).

Status page - sorted by status


Bug fix: Adding a absence (with default end action is continues) in Tellus Mobile and overriding continues resulted that wrong date was set as return date.

Bug fix: In Tellus Mobile a removed absence was, sometimes, displayed as an upcoming absence.

Bug fix: Sometime users was unable to add/delete absences in Tellus Mobile.

Bug fix: Unable to add a Visit group with the same name if group name at Tellus Web if the group name already exists in the database.