Release Note Tellus — 21 september, 2016
Release Notes Tellus Voice —
Release notes – Tellus 2.10.1 — 13 april, 2015

Release notes – Tellus 2.10.1

Follow user on micro blog

In the user details you can now choose to follow the user in the micro blog, use the plus sign in the speech bubble to add the user to your feed.


Voicemail as standard in start action

Until now the information in the start action drop list has been ”Forward” and the actual number that the administrator has entered. From this version you will see the name of the voice mail associated with the number. This makes it easy to know that your calls will be forwarded to voicemail when you are unable to answer them.


The administration page have a new design, we have removed all small icons and placed watermarks for the different categories instead.


Tellus Voice now has an own pane in the administration, this way it is easy to find the specific settings. The general voicemail settings are still located in the Peripherals pane.
Visit settings
We have done some changes to the visit administration. We removed the old pane and replaced it with the administration of Visit category, if you are about to add some visitors you can go to the visit pane in the menu instead.

Overall improvements

We have also enhanced the user interface on several pages in the administration. Now all dialogs and tables should have the same design.

New SMS provider

In Tellus 2.10.1 we have added a new SMS provider. We are glad to let you know that you can use Intelecom SMS with Tellus.

Voicemail in emails

From this version you can choose to attach the voicemail to the email that is sent to the user. This is a setting that you can enable in Tellus Voice settings.
This release is now available for download on our portal for all technicians
Release Note – Tellus — 22 december, 2014

Release Note – Tellus

New audio player

In Tellus we have added a new audio player. This audio player supports all browsers and will have the same look and feel regardless of web browser.

The audio player has different looks depending on the users theme in TellusWeb.



The audio player has features for pause, control the volume and to go to a specific place in the recorded message.

New links from TellusWeb

Links-Dark.pngIn the top right corner of Tellus Web you can find several links to SourceTech Portal, MyTellus, manuals and instruction videos. In this version we have changed the link to SourceTech Portal to a portal icon and the link to is illustrated by our logotype.

Tooltips in user groups

Absence info on tooltip is now visible in user groups. Hover over the icon for the absence and you will get information for start date, end date and cause.


This release is now available for download on our portal for all technicians.

Release Note – Tellus 2.10 — 28 oktober, 2014
Release Note 4059EE Feature pack 140_290 — 9 april, 2014

Release Note 4059EE Feature pack 140_290

4059EE Feature Pack has been updated with a new icon set, the same icons that are used in TellusWeb 2.9.

The default color for absences has been changed, the color can still be customized. If a custom color is set for absences this will not be affected by the change.


The plugin for Tellus Visit has also been updated with new icons.

The dialog New visitors are now modeless, which means that if an operator is busy adding new visitors calls can be answered without losing the unfinished registration.

Release Note – Tellus — 27 mars, 2014

Release Note – Tellus

Tellus Web

In TellusWeb has been updated with new default avatars.


In the administration of Booking objects a new resource has been added. It is now possible to choose TV as a resource for a booking object.


The new TV resource is added in eXpose and displayed when configured in the Booking administration.



The new default avatars has also been updated at TellusMobile.


Release Note – Tellus — 6 februari, 2014

Release Note – Tellus

In version we have corrected some errors from, and added some new functionality.



At the Administration on TellusWeb in the section About, a new column has been added. This column displays the latest available version. This will make it easy to see if you have the latest Tellus version installed and running.
The services that aren’t started or running is displayed in grey color.


Mail servers

In the administration of mail servers a new setting has been added, Timeout. This setting specifies the maximum time for Tellus to wait for a response from the mail server, the default value is 5 seconds.

Mail server - Timeout.png

Release Note – Tellus 2.9 — 14 januari, 2014

Release Note – Tellus 2.9


SourceTech Tellus 2.9 includes several new features and enhancements;

  • New application, eXpose
  • New design on TellusWeb (including two themes dark and light)


!Tellus 2.9 requires new server license, select the proper version (2.9) when downloading the license from Spectra™!

Previous version of Tellus, used the hard drive’s number as identification, when generating licenses. This has been changed and Tellus now uses an installation ID.  The ID can be found on the license manager page TellusWeb.

License manager.png


TellusWeb has been redesigned and some new features are available.

Start page

A personal “start page” is displayed directly after login.

Start page.png

Here the users can get a quick view of their present/upcoming absences, latest messages, latest micro blog posts from their colleagues and the nearest birthdays. Each box can contain a maximum of 5 items.



In the header a globe has been added, when clicking this the ”start page” is displayed.

The drop for active profile has been removed and the active profile is now displayed with the type of device; the active is displayed in blue.

Micro blog

Micro blog.png

The micro blog has been redesigned to a more simple and modern interface.  A new section called “Popular bloggers” shows a list of people with most followers.


The booking page design has been simplified and some new features are added. If you have configured a room (object) with a projector, conference phone and/or whiteboard then the icons will reflect that.


TellusWeb Admin

The administration page has been organized into categories.



Calendar servers

Now you can configure to hide subjects for a calendar server, if enabled subjects will never be shown. If the subject contains a trigger word, this will be matched and added as a specific absence in Tellus as before.

Calendar servers - Hide subject.png


A new application, eXpose, has been added in version 2.9. This application is used for booking resources and integrates with Tellus booking system.


The application makes it easy to see if a specific resource is available or not, see information about an upcoming booking or create a booking directly in the application.

The application can run in a browser or as a web app on iOS, Android or Windows tablets.