Release Notes Tellus PAM — 2 juni, 2017

Release Notes Tellus PAM


In SourceTech Tellus PAM we have some updates.

We have update the integration to Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch, we have now added support for OpenTouch 12.x. Customer that uses the OpenTouch and has version 12.x must upgrade to Tellus PAM

We have update the Tellus APIWrapper, used for calendar integration to Lotus Domino, so that calendar items received is sorted on different actions. Fixing issues when items, sometimes, were sent to TellusAPI in incorrect order.

Bug fix: Visit that hasn’t been checked-in where date and time for expected departure has passed wasn’t purged during housekeeping.

Release Note Tellus Web —

Release Note Tellus Web


In Tellus Web the page for Visits has been re-designed with a new UI. In the new design adding a visit and the displaying of the user’s upcoming visit are shown on the same page.

New Visit page - EN The status of the visit has been improved and it is now easier to see if the visitor(s) hasn’t arrived (yellow bar), is checked in (green bar) or is checked out (red bar).



The status page located at the administration of Tellus Web some update has been made in the new release.

This page has been update so it is possible to sort the list by status, email or name (name is used as default sorting).

Status page - sorted by status


Bug fix: Adding a absence (with default end action is continues) in Tellus Mobile and overriding continues resulted that wrong date was set as return date.

Bug fix: In Tellus Mobile a removed absence was, sometimes, displayed as an upcoming absence.

Bug fix: Sometime users was unable to add/delete absences in Tellus Mobile.

Bug fix: Unable to add a Visit group with the same name if group name at Tellus Web if the group name already exists in the database.



Release Notes Tellus Voice — 10 maj, 2017

Release Notes Tellus Voice

tellus-voiceIn Tellus Voice we have added the Tellus Hub configuration file that was missing in Tellus Voice, the configuration file resulted in problems with MWI.

We have updated the settings for Tellus Voice, regarding local and remote port. The settings are still located at Tellus Voice settings in the Administration at Tellus Web.

  • The setting Port is used as local sip port.
  • The remote port can be configured by typing registrar:port in the setting Registrar (PBX)

Sip provider settings

  • In example above Tellus Voice is configured to listen on 5060 for incoming traffic and using 5061 when connecting to the PBX
Release Note Tellus Voice — 24 april, 2017

Release Note Tellus Voice


We have made some big updates in Tellus Voice regarding memory handling. Tellus Voice have, previous, some problems with memory leaks. This was fixed in an earlier version but it seems that a small problem remained. In Tellus Voice the handling has been improved and possible memory leaks should be fixed. We recommend that Tellus Voice is upgraded to version

New: Tellus Voice has now support for SIP: Late offer.

Release Note Tellus Web and Tellus Mobile — 7 april, 2017

Release Note Tellus Web and Tellus Mobile


We have released a new version of Tellus WebApps, version

In this version we have implemented a new design at Tellus Web for Contacts and Operators.

On the side for administration of operators you have a more intuitive way to add a new operator. You search for users and click at the green add icon, in the dialog displayed you configure which node and number translator the operator should use and press save.

Operators - Search

All users set as an operator is displayed in a list. At the right side there is icons for deleting or  editing the operator.

In Contacts the design is also update. A contact is added by clicking the green add icon, filling in the information and clicking save.

Contact - Add

Finding an existing contact is done by searching in the search bar, the contact is displayed at the right side of search bar.

Contacts - Search



Bug fixUnable to change the status of voicemail messages at Messages.

Bug fix: Problem listning on a voicemail message multiple time at Messages using Chrome.

Bug fix: Problem to listning on voicemail messages in Safari at Messages

Bug fix: Wrong start action or/and end action was set for user when absence was created using Absence tab in user details page at TellusWeb.

Bug fix: Previous search wasn’t cleared in search box when a new search was triggered from user details in Tellus Mobile.

Bug fix: Fixed bad validation of user id.





Release Notes Tellus Voice and Tellus Voice Package – Spoken Absence —

Release Notes Tellus Voice and Tellus Voice Package – Spoken Absence


In Tellus Voice we have update the handling of voicemail messages and MWI. The handling when status for multiple messages are updated has been improved.

In package for Spoken Absence we have fixed a error in script SaveGreetingRecording.stvx, where it referred to wrong manuscript. The result was that no personal greeting was saved.

Bug fix: Unable to save personal greetings

Bug fix: Unable to save the type standard greeting since it used the old active greeting and not new greeting by type.

Bug fix: When a user had multiple absences with return time continues Tellus Voice played wrong prompt.

Release note SourceTech Presence Service — 8 mars, 2017

Release note SourceTech Presence Service

presence-serviceWe have release a new version of SourceTech Presence Service, with version Some new update and a bug fix has been made in the the new version.

  • New tele presence provider – we now supports Telia Mobile Norway.

The new provider requires the license Presence Service Plugin – Telia mobile NO.

Bug fix: Settings dialog crashed when Calendar endpoint was enabled along with Multicast endpoint and/or TellusAPI endpoint.

Release Note – New packages for Tellus Voice — 2 mars, 2017

Release Note – New packages for Tellus Voice

SourceTech Tellus VoiceWe have now released new packages for Tellus Voice. These packages can be downloaded by accessing the package download at the customer’s Tellus Cloud. The new packages are only supported with Tellus Voice with version

tellus-cloudTellus Voice  – Spoken Absence
Package Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence with version has been released.
Bug fix: We have fixed a bug where Tellus Voice didn’t check the if the user’s inbox was enabled/disabled when the operator transferred a call to the voicemail.

Tellus Voice – Spoken absence Lang Pack – Norwegian
Package Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence Lang pack – Norwegian with version has been released. In this package we have updated manuscript for the Norwegian language with corresponding prompts. We recommend all Norwegian customers using the Tellus Voice release 2 (compatible with Tellus Release 3) to upgrade to this package.


Release Notes Feature Pack 162_300 build 20161216 and OTCS 162_831300 build 20161214 — 19 december, 2016

Release Notes Feature Pack 162_300 build 20161216 and OTCS 162_831300 build 20161214

Feature Pack

In Feature Pack for Alcatel-Lucent 4059EE we have fix a bug resulting in crashing of 4059EE. This problem occurred when PAM tried to re-load a search result.

We have update the name-provider Eniro. Read more about the changes in the post Important info regarding plugin Eniro for 4059EE Feature Pack. 


In the 4059EE plugin for Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Customer
Service 162_831300 build 20161214 we have fixed an issue with the handling of auto pause.


Release Notes Tellus PAM and TellusWebApps —

Release Notes Tellus PAM and TellusWebApps

Tellus Pam


We have fixed an issue in Tellus PAM regarding database upgrades.
This problem occurred when the customer upgraded from release (and had a build of Tellus DB ≥ 285) to release 3. This resulting in problems adding the license for release 3.

We have alos fixed a issue with SourceTech Tellus backup script. This problem resulted in that no backup of TellusDB was added in the Tellus backup.



Tellus Web

In Tellus Web we have fixed and issue when syncing to Tellus from Active Directory using SourceTech AD Sync. Problem occured when sync a phone number that was bound to a number translator where area code 1 or area code 2 was missing.