Release Note SourceTech Presence Service — 24 januari, 2018

Release Note SourceTech Presence Service

presence-serviceIt has come to our attention that in major upgrades for Windows 10 the Product Key ID is changed. This ID is a part of the algorithm used for generating the Installation ID, that is then used when generating a licenses for our products. Due to this, a major upgrade for Windows 10 will result in the license to be invalid (since the Installation ID which the license is generated with differs from the Installation ID of the machine).

As a consequence to this we have removed the use of the Product Key ID when generating the Installation ID.

SourceTech Presence Service >= validates license both with and without the Product ID. With this change a license generated for <= (found in a existing installation) will still be considered to be valid until the Product ID is changed again.
A license that is generated based on the Installation ID in Presence Service >= will not be affected by future changes of the Product Key ID, since this is removed from the algorithm.

We recommend that licenses is regenerated when upgrading to SourceTech Presence Service =>

Important information regarding new release — 12 december, 2017

Important information regarding new release

SourceTech JeraFor release of Tellus PAM, Tellus WebApps, TellusVoice and Cloud Services

Some changes has been made in Tellus Hub, this in the client part of the application. The Hub client are used by every application that connects to the Hub server. For Tellus to have the expected functionality, all applications must use the new Hub client.

This means that if one or some of the application should be upgraded in a Tellus system*, all of the application mentioned above should be upgraded to latest version.

* We recommend all to upgrade Tellus WebApps if Tellus Voice is installed and the system is currently running the faulting version of Tellus WebApps Read the release note for Tellus WebApps here.

Release Note Tellus Voice and Tellus Voice Package for Spoken Absence —

Release Note Tellus Voice and Tellus Voice Package for Spoken Absence

tellus-voice Tellus Voice

In Tellus Voice we have fixed a problem where message waiting indication wasn’t resetted after lisening to voicemail messages at Tellus Web.

Hub client updated to version

Bug fix: MWI not resetted after listening to messages at Tellus Web

Tellus Voice Package – Spoken absence

In the package for Spoken Absence we have fixed an issue that occured when user was absent with type Out of Office. Tellus Voice prompted no return time and that the user was not available, this has been fixed in Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence Correct absence type and return time are now prompted.

Bug fix: No return time prompted when absent with type Out of Office.

Release Note Tellus WebApps —

Release Note Tellus WebApps

Tellus WebApps with Tellus Web and Tellus API


In Tellus WebApps we had a problem where Tellus API made a lot of request to Tellus Voice. This resulted in TellusVoiceAPIAppPool taking a lot of the memory and thus, if there isn’t sufficient memory, slowing the server down. The problem only occured when Tellus Voice was used in the system.

This problem has beeen fixed in Tellus WebApps

Name playback

In the previous versions, the license check for Name playback for Tellus Voice wasn’t working as expected. This has now been corrected. In order for Name playback to work for the customer, the license item named Name subscription users must be ordered and present in the system license.


In Visit, with the new design, there were some bugs that now has been fixed

Bug fix: Calendar picker in Visit added a zero before the month October, resulting in 010 to be set as month.

Bug fix: Category dropdown not update when editing.

Bug fix: Description of visitor was missing in gui.


Bug fix: Message status not updated correctly. Unable to delete messages or mark them as new/read.

Release Note Tellus PAM —
Release Note Cloud Services —
Problems with Tellus Web — 20 oktober, 2017

Problems with Tellus Web


This is some important information regarding SourceTech Tellus WebApps, our latest released Tellus Web.

We have found a problem in this version, that is only affected when SourceTech Tellus is used with SourceTech Tellus Voice.

When Tellus Web makes a request for Tellus Voice and it’s settings Tellus API makes a lot of request. This results in TellusVoiceAPIAppPool to increases it’s use of memory, and using a lot more memory then it should.  If the machine dosen’t have sufficient memory the server becomes slow.
This can have major effects to the Tellus system, resulting in problems for applications/functions to work as expected.

The problem dosen’t have to occur at a customer just becuase they are running the faulting version, it depends on the machine amount of memory accordingly to the size of the Tellus system. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

We are currently investigating the problem and will fix it as soon as possible. The version is removed from Downloads and we don’t recommend an upgrade to this version.



4059EE Feature Pack 170 build 20170928 — 28 september, 2017

4059EE Feature Pack 170 build 20170928

SourceTech JeraWe have released a Feature Pack that is compatible with 4059EE 1.7.x. This version has NO PAM plugin, meaning no connection to SourceTech Tellus PAM.

The plugins that are available in the version and can be selected during the installation is;

Eniro – Plugin for Swedish, Norwegian and Danish name provider. – Plugin for Swiss name provider. – Plugin for Norwegian name provider.

!!If a connection to SourceTech Tellus PAM is required in 4059EE DO NOT install this version!!

Installer unable to close applications during installation — 22 september, 2017

Installer unable to close applications during installation

We would like to inform you on an issue that can occur during an installation of our products, not only for the installer displayed below.
During some installations the installation is paused and this dialog is shown;

IA dialog

If this dialog is shown you should know what to do, since some of the choices abow can result in trouble.

YesThe requested applications are closed by the installer and the installation continues.

No –  The dialog is closed and the installation, seems to, continue but results in error since the applications hasen’t been closed.

Cancel – The dialog is closed and the installation is cancelled.

Release note for SourceTech Tellus Voice Packages: Name package and LangPack Spoken Absence — 20 september, 2017

Release note for SourceTech Tellus Voice Packages: Name package and LangPack Spoken Absence

tellus-cloudWe have updated and released two packages for SourceTech Tellus Voice, this two are Tellus Voice – Name package – Swedish and Tellus Voice – LangPack Spoken Absence – Swedish

Both of the packages requires SourceTech Tellus Voice or higher.

Tellus Voice – Name package – Swedish
This package has been updated with new names.

Tellus Voice – LangPack Spoken Absence – Swedish
In the Language package Spoken Absence for Swedish, we have changed the prompting when a user is busy on the phone. Before Tellus Voice prompted ”The person with extension xxx is busy…” (default, without name playback). In the new version, Tellus Voice prompts ”The person with extension xxx is busy on the phone…” (as default, without name playback).

Both packages are available and can be downloaded with SourceTech Cloud Services on the Tellus Cloud Portal.