This is some important information regarding SourceTech Tellus WebApps, our latest released Tellus Web.

We have found a problem in this version, that is only affected when SourceTech Tellus is used with SourceTech Tellus Voice.

When Tellus Web makes a request for Tellus Voice and it’s settings Tellus API makes a lot of request. This results in TellusVoiceAPIAppPool to increases it’s use of memory, and using a lot more memory then it should.  If the machine dosen’t have sufficient memory the server becomes slow.
This can have major effects to the Tellus system, resulting in problems for applications/functions to work as expected.

The problem dosen’t have to occur at a customer just becuase they are running the faulting version, it depends on the machine amount of memory accordingly to the size of the Tellus system. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

We are currently investigating the problem and will fix it as soon as possible. The version is removed from Downloads and we don’t recommend an upgrade to this version.