We have some important information regarding this Tellus Voice version and the compatible Tellus Voice packages that can be read here.

Tellus Voice

tellus-voice When the customer’s system is updated to Tellus Voice new version of package Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence, Tellus Voice – Polling and the LangPacks for the corresponding Tellus Voice Language needs to be installed in order for Tellus Voice to work.

This is needed since we have update the structure of prompts for Tellus Voice. If this isn’t done Tellus Voice won’t be able to find the correct prompts.

Packages for Tellus Voicetellus-cloud

Released Tellus Voice packages are:
Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence
Tellus Voice – Polling
Tellus Voice – Language pack English
Tellus Voice – Language pack Swedish
Tellus Voice – Language pack Norwegian
Tellus Voice – Names Swedish

Language packages
In the Language packs for Tellus Voice we have moved some prompts that was placed in incorrect folder and updated the manuscripts using these prompts.

Some updates has also been made regarding the path of the prompts.

Spoken Absence & Polling
Some changes has been made with the installation of scripts for Spoken Absence & Polling. In Spoken Absence and Polling all scripts will be updated in the database, regardless if they are system scripts or not. Read more about it here.

In the package for Names we have updated the path for folders for Firstname and Lastname.