We have some important information regarding Tellus Voice and the packages for Tellus Voice compatible with the version
!This should be read and taking into account before installing at customer site!

When TellusVoice DB is created and the database migration has been applied, a pre-set with the vxml script that Tellus Voice uses is installed in the database. When the package Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence and Tellus Voice – Polling is downloaded and installed by Cloud Services, all scripts that are considered to be system scripts will be updated with the new scripts.tellus-cloud

If a scripts is set as a none system script this will not be updated.

An early problem with Tellus Voice was that the scripts installed in the database (with the database migrations) was not set as system scripts. This has resulted in a problem where scripts, that infact, are system scripts hasn’t been updated.
What we have done in Tellus Voice and the packages Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence and Tellus Voice – Polling is to change, temporarily, the behaviour of scripts.

When installing the new packages for Spoken Absence and Polling all scripts in the database will be overwritten, regardless if they are system scripts or not. The new scripts are, as it should, marked as system scripts after the installation, which means that the problem of update of scripts will not exists in future versions.

This change will not cause any problem if the customer uses the default scripts and haven’t made any alterations in the scripts. If alterations has been made for the customer, some adjustments needs to be done when before installing. The altered scripts can be copied from TellusVoiceDB before installing and then be applied again after the installation. If there are any hesitation regarding what needs to be done, feel free to contact us.

We recommend that all customers upgrade to Tellus Voice and download the packages Tellus Voice – Spoken Absence, Tellus Voice – Polling and LangPacks for installed languages.

Release notes with information regarding version of packages and changes can be read here.