A well developed visitor system gives your entire organization a professional impression and will lift the efficiency in the reception. Tellus Visit is a system for handling of visitors that is integrated in our Tellus suite. Due to this integration we can optimise the functionality by giving the system access to your database, by doing this, you will make it quicker and easier for all involved, receptionists, visitors and users.

You can pre-register your visitors in TellusWeb.  This will favour both you, the receptionist and your visitors. Your pre-registered visitors will be shown in the receptionists attendant plug-in and this will ensure you that your visitors will receive the best possible service from the reception.

The visit pane in TellusWeb got redesigned in to make it even easier for you as a user.


The first thing you will see is a form where you fill out the information about the user. Set the time that you are expecting the visitor to arrive and leave. You can also select a category for the visitor (these are defined by the administrator) and other information about the visit.

When you have filled out the form, simply press ”Save” and the visitor will be created with you as the recipient.


When you are expecting visitors, they will be listed under the form in the visit pane. You can edit or remove visitors that have the status ”Pending”. The color of the icon on the left hand side shows the status of the visitor.

In this image the visitors ”Anna Andersson” and ”Björn Martinsson” are inhouse. The visitor ”Lena Björk” will arrive tomorrow.

If the color of the icon is red the visitor has been checked out of the system.