Release Note Tellus Voice — 24 april, 2017

Release Note Tellus Voice


We have made some big updates in Tellus Voice regarding memory handling. Tellus Voice have, previous, some problems with memory leaks. This was fixed in an earlier version but it seems that a small problem remained. In Tellus Voice the handling has been improved and possible memory leaks should be fixed. We recommend that Tellus Voice is upgraded to version

New: Tellus Voice has now support for SIP: Late offer.

Release Note Tellus Web and Tellus Mobile — 7 april, 2017

Release Note Tellus Web and Tellus Mobile


We have released a new version of Tellus WebApps, version

In this version we have implemented a new design at Tellus Web for Contacts and Operators.

On the side for administration of operators you have a more intuitive way to add a new operator. You search for users and click at the green add icon, in the dialog displayed you configure which node and number translator the operator should use and press save.

Operators - Search

All users set as an operator is displayed in a list. At the right side there is icons for deleting or  editing the operator.

In Contacts the design is also update. A contact is added by clicking the green add icon, filling in the information and clicking save.

Contact - Add

Finding an existing contact is done by searching in the search bar, the contact is displayed at the right side of search bar.

Contacts - Search



Bug fixUnable to change the status of voicemail messages at Messages.

Bug fix: Problem listning on a voicemail message multiple time at Messages using Chrome.

Bug fix: Problem to listning on voicemail messages in Safari at Messages

Bug fix: Wrong start action or/and end action was set for user when absence was created using Absence tab in user details page at TellusWeb.

Bug fix: Previous search wasn’t cleared in search box when a new search was triggered from user details in Tellus Mobile.

Bug fix: Fixed bad validation of user id.





Release Notes Tellus Voice and Tellus Voice Package – Spoken Absence —

Release Notes Tellus Voice and Tellus Voice Package – Spoken Absence


In Tellus Voice we have update the handling of voicemail messages and MWI. The handling when status for multiple messages are updated has been improved.

In package for Spoken Absence we have fixed a error in script SaveGreetingRecording.stvx, where it referred to wrong manuscript. The result was that no personal greeting was saved.

Bug fix: Unable to save personal greetings

Bug fix: Unable to save the type standard greeting since it used the old active greeting and not new greeting by type.

Bug fix: When a user had multiple absences with return time continues Tellus Voice played wrong prompt.