It’s important that all settings on a user is correct when using Tellus. This is not only for the user settings, it’s also important that all organisation settings are valid. This can be tricky to check in an easy way. But in the administration there is a page called ”Overview” where all settings on a user is displayed.

In the administration the ”Overview” is located in the first section at the far left.



Here you get an overview of all settings bound to a user, both user settings and organisation settings.


In this picture we can see that the user ”Cecilia Alerius” is bound to the organisation ”Marketing”. A lot of the important settings are located on the organisation and here we can easily find errors if there is some. We can see that the organisation ”Marketing” is bound to the organisation setting ”SourceTech”.

In the organisation settings there are information about the absence profile that the user gets access to. This controls which absence types that are displayed when you want to create an absence for the user. You can also see the email server, calendar server etc.

You can also see the phones bound to the user and which node they are connected to.

If there are any errors this will be displayed in red which makes it easy to spot.



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