In SourceTech Cloud Services and SourceTech Tellus Voice major changes has been made regarding how SourceTech SuGet handles packages for Tellus Voice.

The download and installation of packages has been re-written and improved.

The port for SourceTech Cloud to access to download packages for Tellus Voice has been changed from 14095 to 55700. This is automatically changed by the installer when upgrading, accessing packages with
Note! If rules have been added in the firewall for the port 14095, rules with the new port must be added. All SourceTech ports can be read in the document SourceTech Tellus port overview, available for download at SourceTech download

tellus-voiceBoth Cloud Services and Tellus Voice must be to be upgraded to the latest version in order to download and install packages for Tellus Voice.

Bug fix: Unable to listen to voicemails at TellusWeb.

Bug fix: Tellus Voice prompts dates in wrong format.