In the operator application you can customize the appearance of the result grid. You can choose which columns you want to have visible, the order of the columns and you can also sort the results after the column headings.

Which columns?

As mentioned above you can choose which columns you want to have visible in the result grid. Just right click in the header and select ”More”.


Columns-4059EE-ENYou will get a dialog where you can select the columns you want.ChooseColumns-EN

On your company the column ”Company” might not be important, then just remove the selection in the box.

As you can see, there are two choices for ”E-mail”. The one marked with a * are the column that displays the full email address. The other choice shows an icon and if you click on it you will open the email program that is installed on your computer.

Move columns

If the columns are in the wrong order for you, just rearrange them! Click and drag in the header and place the column where you want it!


If you want to sort your results on ”Org”, just click the header and the result will be sort in alphabetical order.