Tellus includes some bugfixes and updates to Tellus Mobile and the SyncAPI.


Bugfix: When editing an absence via masquerade the start action was set to ”Closed” instead of the standard setting.
Bugfix: Even if the user didn’t have the rights to see other organisations, the birthday of users within other org’s where still visible in the microblog and on the startpage, this is now fixed.
Bugfix: If you choose the absence ”Available tomorrow” the color in the schedule was wrong and to transparent. This is now fixed.


Update: We are now synchronizing the user attributes when the user is created, even if the option ”UpdateUsers” is inactivated.


New: The voicemail tab in TellusMobil is now hidden if the user has no active Tellus Voice.
Update: Removed Tellus Voice messages are no longer shown.
Update: Unread messages are bolded.
Update: Messages are played on first click.