In order to know which versions are available for download, a technician (or any user with the rights) needs to log on to the SourceTech Portal to see the latest downloadable version. Nowadays, you as the administrator of Tellus Web has access to see which version you have and which version that is available for download.
To see this you need to have any administrator rights in Tellus. You’ll find this page in the last pane ”System Settings” and then select ”About”.
The page you are going to see looks like this. You will see the running Tellus applications at the top of the table.
There are a few rows here that could be of interest.
  • Tellus WebClient (This row and the TellusPAMService indicates which version the installed software has)
  • Tellus Mobile
  • EwsStatusManager (The service that handles the calendar integration)
The page shows you what versions that are running in your system, but it also shows witch applications that are installed and running.
The inactive applications are displayed with a light grey text. This system has, for example, the service eXpose installed, but it is not running or being used.
The column after the name of the service is the one that shows what version you have installed, the next column shows which version that are available for download. In this way, you as a customer can keep track of the latest downloadable version.