All of the mentioned keyboard shortcuts below is part of the standard settings in the operator application 4059EE with Tellus PAM. Learn these to make your work more effective and ergonomic!



Keyboard shortcut

Reload user details

Reload the user details to see if their absence is updated or changed.

Control + F5

Edit absence for active user

Opens the absence-editing dialog for the chosen user.

Control + F1

Edit operator specific info for users

Opens the editing dialog for the operator information.

Page Down

Remove operator information bar for user

Removes the operator information on the chosen user.

 Control + Shift + F1

Show last performed search results

Shows the last performed search and the results.



You can intrude in a call if the desired user is already engaged. (This demands a special permission in the PBX)



Redials the last dialed number.

Shift + Arrow Up