Tips & Trix for operators — 20 maj, 2015

Tips & Trix for operators

All of the mentioned keyboard shortcuts below is part of the standard settings in the operator application 4059EE with Tellus PAM. Learn these to make your work more effective and ergonomic!



Keyboard shortcut

Reload user details

Reload the user details to see if their absence is updated or changed.

Control + F5

Edit absence for active user

Opens the absence-editing dialog for the chosen user.

Control + F1

Edit operator specific info for users

Opens the editing dialog for the operator information.

Page Down

Remove operator information bar for user

Removes the operator information on the chosen user.

 Control + Shift + F1

Show last performed search results

Shows the last performed search and the results.



You can intrude in a call if the desired user is already engaged. (This demands a special permission in the PBX)



Redials the last dialed number.

Shift + Arrow Up

SourceTech Kick-off! — 7 maj, 2015

SourceTech Kick-off!

A couple of weeks ago SourceTech went to Brunflo in the north of Sweden, to attend a kick-off. The intention of the kick-off was to plan some features that we want to implement in the Tellus Suite. But also to hang out and get to know each other in a more relaxed way than in the office.

We stayed at Sörbygården bed and breakfast right next to the great lake Storsjön. Beautiful scenery and great staff makes it a perfect place for a vacation or kick-off.
We went riding, some of us for the first time! We made lunch outside on the open fire and laughed. It was an amazing trip and we are really glad that we got the chance to do it.

Mariah (Support technician at SourceTech) lives in Brunflo and she has her horse Saga at Sörbygården.

Foto 2015-04-25 12 18 37

Nathalie and Leif (Marketing and design at SourceTech) are enjoying the lunch at Mariahs house.
Foto 2015-04-25 12 18 26
Johan (Developer) has the proper clothes for the activities outside (Denim jacket and converse shoes are not really suited for the northern Swedish climate)  and Elin (Support technician) is enjoying the food.
Peter (Developer at SourceTech) and Mosí
Cissi (Marketing and Design at SourceTech) and Freydis
Bjarne (Developer at SourceTech) and Tyr.

Leffe and the icelandic horse Ægir.

Photo 2015-04-26 11 18 26
The stunning view from Sörbygården with icelandic horses right outside the window.
We had an amazing time in Brunflo! We are now ready to take on new projects with great enthusiasm and inspiration.
Tips & trix för telefonister — 5 maj, 2015

Tips & trix för telefonister

Den här gången har vi tänkt att påminna om bra funktioner som redan finns programmerade i telefonistapplikationen. Alla funktioner som beskrivs i detta inlägg ingår i standardinställningar för 4059EE med hänvisningssystemet Tellus.




Ladda om användardetaljerna.

När du har öppnat detaljerna på en användare kan du enkelt uppdatera användarinformationen för att se om någonting har uppdaterats.

Control.png F5.png

Redigera aktiv hänvisning för vald användare.

Öppnar dialogen för att redigera den aktiva hänvisningen för den valda användaren när du är i detaljvyn.


Redigera informationsfältet.

Öppnar redigeringsdialogen för telefonistinformationen.

Page Down.png

Rensa telefonistinformationen.

Tar bort telefonistinformationen på vald användare.

 Control.png+ Shift.png F1.png

Visa senaste sökningen

Visar resultatet av den senaste sökningen igen


Bryt in i samtal

Om användaren du söker är upptagen i telefon kan du enkelt bryta in i detta samtal. (Detta kräver en rättighet i telefonväxeln)


Senast slagna nummer

Slår det senaste slagna numret

Shift.pngArrow Up.png