Release notes – Tellus 2.10.1 — 13 april, 2015

Release notes – Tellus 2.10.1

Follow user on micro blog

In the user details you can now choose to follow the user in the micro blog, use the plus sign in the speech bubble to add the user to your feed.


Voicemail as standard in start action

Until now the information in the start action drop list has been ”Forward” and the actual number that the administrator has entered. From this version you will see the name of the voice mail associated with the number. This makes it easy to know that your calls will be forwarded to voicemail when you are unable to answer them.


The administration page have a new design, we have removed all small icons and placed watermarks for the different categories instead.


Tellus Voice now has an own pane in the administration, this way it is easy to find the specific settings. The general voicemail settings are still located in the Peripherals pane.
Visit settings
We have done some changes to the visit administration. We removed the old pane and replaced it with the administration of Visit category, if you are about to add some visitors you can go to the visit pane in the menu instead.

Overall improvements

We have also enhanced the user interface on several pages in the administration. Now all dialogs and tables should have the same design.

New SMS provider

In Tellus 2.10.1 we have added a new SMS provider. We are glad to let you know that you can use Intelecom SMS with Tellus.

Voicemail in emails

From this version you can choose to attach the voicemail to the email that is sent to the user. This is a setting that you can enable in Tellus Voice settings.
This release is now available for download on our portal for all technicians
Release notes – AD-sync —

Release notes – AD-sync


With SourceTech AD-sync you can synchronize the user data from Microsoft Active Directory to SourceTech Tellus, this eliminates the need for double management. With this synchronization tool all users are automatically created, updated and deleted from Tellus when they are managed in AD. The AD-sync runs as a Windows Service and is placed between AD and Tellus.
The attributes that can be changed by mapping the AD attribute to a predefined Tellus attribute. There is a option for ”Sync” and ”Clear on Empty” on every attribute.
The attributes available are:
  • Company
  • Country
  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Location
  • Login name
  • Manager
  • Operator info
  • Organisation
  • Personal info
  • Phone
    • Extension
    • Mobile
    • Home
  • State
  • Street
  • Title
  • User Image
  • Zip code
Release notes – Tellus Voice —

Release notes – Tellus Voice

Tellus Voice

Name playback
In this version of Tellus Voice we have added name playback. The name of the user will be played instead of the extension number.
In previous releases the message has been: ”The person with extension number 4112 is in a meeting, is back on the 14th of april at 10 o’clock. For operator assistance press 9, to leave a message press 1 or please wait.”
If you have name playback the message will be ”Cecilia Alerius is in a meeting, is back on the 14th of april at 10 o’clock. For operator assistance press 9, to leave a message press 1 or please wait.”
The name playback is a licensed function and you can order it from your dealer as an subscription model.
ASR – Automatic Speech Response
There are also functions for voice recognition built into Tellus Voice. Voice control enables an easy handling without having to use operator assistance. Just use your voice for navigation!