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We have, since last year, put all of our resources in developing our own voicemail with spoken absences and call recording. There are a lot of advantages with having developed our own voicemail, for example, better control of the administrational interface and the overall user experience. We have even solved the MWI function ( On / Off switching of your desk phone’s message lamp) over SIP against OXE because we have full control of the SIP stack. This is just one of the functions that customers are lacking in Flexi Voice today.

Our vision is that our voice mail and Tellus PAM form one unified product. A product where simplicity regarding installation, administration and handling always stand in focus.

Tells Voice already have spoken absence, we are now working on implementing IVR and ASR functions. Further information will be published here on the blog.

Spoken absence

The spoken absence is a function that comes integrated in Tellus Voice. We are using voices from a professional voice acting company called Widevox.

When a voice mail with spoken absence is in use the caller gets a chance to leave a message when you don’t have the possibility to answer your phone and the caller will receive information about your whereabout and when you will return.

System prerequisite


OS: Windows server 2008 or later (x64)

RAM: 4GB minimun

CPU: 2 GHz 4 cores minimun


System-HDD (C): 1GB free space

Audio prompts: 10GB free space (System prompts and recorded calls)


.NET Framework 4.5

MS SQL-Server/MS SQL-Server Express