This blog post describes ways for you to troubleshoot Tellus and is mainly directed to Tellus technicians.
Please note that somethings mentioned here requires Tellus 2.9. In older versions some of the configurations doesn’t exist and less logging information is written.
First step is to download DbgView (a program which listens to real-time diagnostics output, download here) on the web server that hosts Tellus. All TellusWeb, TellusAPI and Tellus PAM logs can be viewed in DbgView.
The second step is to enable logging in either TellusWeb or TellusAPI, or both. This is done in the respective web.config (under C:/Program Files/SourceTech/TellusWeb or TellusAPI)
Open the config file in notepad and look for ”Logging.Enabled” and change the value attibute to ”true”, this is false by default. In TellusAPI there are multiple parts (ex ”Logging.BookingAPI.Enabled”) that you can enable or disabled, activate the parts that you are interested in.
Step three is to reproduce the error and look in DbgView if it says what the problem is.
Event viewer
If an exception has been thrown (ex. when an application crashes), information about this can be found in the Event viewer (aka Event logs).
To open the event viewer open ”Run” or an command prompt and enter ”eventvwr.msc”. Navigate, Windows Logs => Application. Here you can see various issues with applications on the system (not only Tellus).
For more help you can submit an issue on the Issue tracker, mail us at