Email notifications in Tellus — 24 februari, 2014

Email notifications in Tellus

In version of TellusWeb, the administration of the default email address was moved to the Admininstration in TellusWeb. When we changed location we also added some more configurable email addresses.


These are the available configurable email addresses:
Standard email address is the default address that Tellus uses for notifications.

Sender email for ”forgotten password” is the address used when a user has forgot their password and requests a new. A address must be added here, in order for ”forgotten password” to work.

Sender email address for system notifications is the email used for notifications.

Recipient email address(es) is used when a specific email address should receive all notifications that Tellus sends.

Release Note – Tellus — 6 februari, 2014

Release Note – Tellus

In version we have corrected some errors from, and added some new functionality.



At the Administration on TellusWeb in the section About, a new column has been added. This column displays the latest available version. This will make it easy to see if you have the latest Tellus version installed and running.
The services that aren’t started or running is displayed in grey color.


Mail servers

In the administration of mail servers a new setting has been added, Timeout. This setting specifies the maximum time for Tellus to wait for a response from the mail server, the default value is 5 seconds.

Mail server - Timeout.png