Tips & Trix Administrators — 6 februari, 2017

Tips & Trix Administrators

It’s important that all settings on a user is correct when using Tellus. This is not only for the user settings, it’s also important that all organisation settings are valid. This can be tricky to check in an easy way. But in the administration there is a page called ”Overview” where all settings on a user is displayed.

In the administration the ”Overview” is located in the first section at the far left.



Here you get an overview of all settings bound to a user, both user settings and organisation settings.


In this picture we can see that the user ”Cecilia Alerius” is bound to the organisation ”Marketing”. A lot of the important settings are located on the organisation and here we can easily find errors if there is some. We can see that the organisation ”Marketing” is bound to the organisation setting ”SourceTech”.

In the organisation settings there are information about the absence profile that the user gets access to. This controls which absence types that are displayed when you want to create an absence for the user. You can also see the email server, calendar server etc.

You can also see the phones bound to the user and which node they are connected to.

If there are any errors this will be displayed in red which makes it easy to spot.



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Tips & Trix Administratörer — 31 januari, 2017

Tips & Trix Administratörer

I Tellus är det viktigt att alla inställningar på en användare stämmer. Det är inte bara inställningarna på själva användaren som är viktig, utan organisationsinställningarna är minst lika viktiga. Det kan vara svårt att få en översikt för vilka inställningar som används på en person, därför vill vi idag tipsa om sidan för översikt i administrationen.

Översikten hittar du i administrationsmenyn i den första sektionen och längst till vänster.


I denna vy kan du alltså se vilka inställningar som en viss användare har bundna till sig.


Vi kan här se att användaren ”Cecilia Alerius” tillhör organisationen ”Marketing”. Många viktiga inställningar ligger som sagt på organisationsnivå och här kan vi se att de som tillhör organisationen ”Marketing” använder inställningarna ”SourceTech”.

Här finns information om vilken frånvaroprofil användaren har tillgång till, det är alltså vilka frånvarokoder som ska finnas tillgängliga för användaren att använda. Vi ser även e-post server, SMS-tjänst, kalenderkoppling med mera.

Här finns också information om vilka telefoner som användaren har samt vilken nod de tillhör.

Denna sida är väldigt användbar om man upptäcker problem med en användare. Det är lätt att se om det är någon viktig information som saknas.



Kommentera gärna detta inlägg med vad ni vill veta mer om eller om ni har några frågor. Vi försöker hela tiden att komma på nya tips & trix som kan hjälpa dig som användare av systemet i ditt dagliga arbete.

Important info regarding plugin Eniro for 4059EE Feature Pack — 19 december, 2016

Important info regarding plugin Eniro for 4059EE Feature Pack

We have found an issue with the name-provider Eniro. The integration relies on a configured profile and a unique key from Eniro. Previous, the same profile and key was used for every Feature Pack. The issue occurred when the maximum allowed search amount was reached, resulting in no more searches being made.


Therefore we have made some changes in Feature Pack with version 162_300 build 20161216. There are now options to configure profile and unique key under Eniro settings in 4059EE. These two must be configured in order for the name-provider to work. The customer must configure a profile and unique key in settings in order for the name-provider to work. This profile and key are created at, and is free of charge.


Release Notes Feature Pack 162_300 build 20161216 and OTCS 162_831300 build 20161214 —

Release Notes Feature Pack 162_300 build 20161216 and OTCS 162_831300 build 20161214

Feature Pack

In Feature Pack for Alcatel-Lucent 4059EE we have fix a bug resulting in crashing of 4059EE. This problem occurred when PAM tried to re-load a search result.

We have update the name-provider Eniro. Read more about the changes in the post Important info regarding plugin Eniro for 4059EE Feature Pack. 


In the 4059EE plugin for Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Customer
Service 162_831300 build 20161214 we have fixed an issue with the handling of auto pause.


Release Notes Tellus PAM and TellusWebApps —

Release Notes Tellus PAM and TellusWebApps

Tellus Pam


We have fixed an issue in Tellus PAM regarding database upgrades.
This problem occurred when the customer upgraded from release (and had a build of Tellus DB ≥ 285) to release 3. This resulting in problems adding the license for release 3.

We have alos fixed a issue with SourceTech Tellus backup script. This problem resulted in that no backup of TellusDB was added in the Tellus backup.



Tellus Web

In Tellus Web we have fixed and issue when syncing to Tellus from Active Directory using SourceTech AD Sync. Problem occured when sync a phone number that was bound to a number translator where area code 1 or area code 2 was missing.



Release Notes Tellus Voice and Application scripts for —

Release Notes Tellus Voice and Application scripts for


Tellus Voice

In Tellus Voice we have added support for handling base64 encoded scripts.


Scripts for Tellus Voice – General

In Application Spoken Absence and Polling all scripts are now formatted in base64.

Note! Spoken Absence and Polling is compatible with Tellus Voice The applications are downloaded by SourceTech Cloud Services at Tellus Cloud web.

Application Spoken Absence

We have updated a script for Spoken Absence, the script handling the Name playback function in Tellus Voice. The script didn’t check the user’s setting for use name playback. Resulting in Tellus Voice to prompt the name, if names where mapped, even if the setting was inactivated for the user.

We have also fixed an issue in script Welcome resulting in welcome message wasn’t played.

Release Note Cloud Services and Tellus Voice — 7 november, 2016

Release Note Cloud Services and Tellus Voice


In SourceTech Cloud Services and SourceTech Tellus Voice major changes has been made regarding how SourceTech SuGet handles packages for Tellus Voice.

The download and installation of packages has been re-written and improved.

The port for SourceTech Cloud to access to download packages for Tellus Voice has been changed from 14095 to 55700. This is automatically changed by the installer when upgrading, accessing packages with
Note! If rules have been added in the firewall for the port 14095, rules with the new port must be added. All SourceTech ports can be read in the document SourceTech Tellus port overview, available for download at SourceTech download

tellus-voiceBoth Cloud Services and Tellus Voice must be to be upgraded to the latest version in order to download and install packages for Tellus Voice.

Bug fix: Unable to listen to voicemails at TellusWeb.

Bug fix: Tellus Voice prompts dates in wrong format.

Tips & Trix – Users — 4 november, 2016

Tips & Trix – Users

Sometimes it’s difficult to know which users that has the same manager. In Tellus there is an easy way to figure this out.

Start by searching for a user, I have searched for Nathalie Heisner.


We can easily see that her manager is Leif Andersson, but I would like to know if there is anyone else that reports to him. To do this I simply click on the link that says his name and gets redirected to his details.


Below the detailed pane I can see a result list with the users that have Leif set as their manager in Tellus.


This will also work on the information set in the field for Colleague.


Please feel free to comment and tell us what you would like to read about on our blog.

Tips & Trix – Användare — 26 oktober, 2016

Tips & Trix – Användare

Det kan ibland vara svårt att veta vilka som har samma chef, de arbetar ju inte alltid på samma avdelning. Men i Tellus finns det ett enkelt sätt att ta reda på vilka som har samma chef, eller samma ersättare.

Sök upp en person, i mitt fall har jag valt Nathalie Heisner.


Vi ser att hon har Leif Andersson som chef, men jag vill ju veta vilka mer som har honom som chef. Då klickar jag helt enkelt på länken till hans detaljer.


Då kommer vi att se att jag får upp alla uppgifter som finns inskriva i systemet på Leifs användare. Men under det får jag en lista med de användare som har honom inskriven som sin chef i Tellus.


Detta fungerar som sagt även på de som ha ”Ersättare” inskrivna.


Kommentera gärna detta inlägg med vad ni vill veta mer om eller om ni har några frågor. Vi försöker hela tiden att komma på nya tips & trix som kan hjälpa dig som användare av systemet i ditt dagliga arbete.

Nackademins branschdag — 25 oktober, 2016